Q: Why is my Accuracy O?

A: HopData is a classification engine. We make predictions by taking the data you provide and making a prediction based on historical categories. Like any machine learning model, we start out by splitting your data into a training set and a test set. We use the training set to create a model and then we use the test set to test how well our prediction works. Since we are doing classification, every prediction we make is based on a classification from the training set. If you are predicting a variable and every previous example is unique to itself, it is difficult to pick a category which new data falls into. As an example, if you are trying to predict revenue, and all of your previous revenues are different we can pick a previous revenue amount which we think this year will most closely resemble but we have 0 confidence that the revenue numbers will be exactly the same.

Q: I have uploaded my file but my newly formed model says Error:

A: There are several reasons why your data was uploaded but an error occurred. Typically this is because of data formatting. Here are a few troubleshooting ideas:

  1. Are you missing variables?
  2. Is your text unicode?
  3. Did you mix numbers and text characters?

Didn’t find an answer to your problem? Please email [email protected] and let us know what issue you are encountering. Also, let us know if you had any issues which you were able to troubleshoot, it will only help us improve the system.

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